Winter 2020 Mushroom Tours

Many of you have been making contact to find out when this years’ Mushroom tours will start.

The tours are usually held in mid Autumn when it’s cold and chilly, on weekends.  It’s still much too warm thanks to our changing seasons and climate.
The mushrooms decide when they are available and this depends on either how hot and dry or how wet the summer is.  Climate change is having a major effect on the mushroom season; for example, last year the first flush of the season was a whole month later than previous years and ended a whole month earlier because the summer was so hot and dry and the winter was equally warm and dry.
I usually post the tour dates on Twitter, the FB page and this website when I see the first flush of the season, usually after the first frost, rain permitting.  Last year that was a weekend in late May.

Please keep an eye on my social media pages and this site for updates.