2018 mushroom tours update

Hi fellow foragers,

I’ve received a few emails from people wanting to book a mushroom tour.

Unfortunately the climate change that many politicians deny has caused this April to be the hottest and driest on record. Mushroom mycelium is very sensitive to weather and climate and since it hasn’t been as wet or cold as it should be at this time of year the mushrooms are about a month late.

I’ve been told that many mushroom tour hosts have had to cancel tours as they haven’t been able to find enough mushrooms.

For example in one location where we found thousands of Fly Agaric ‘fairy’ mushrooms last year, I have seen only 3 specimens.

For those wanting to do a tour, please be patient. As soon as there are enough mushrooms to make the tour worth while, I’ll post the date. The tour will most likely be on a week day.